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Dancing through our own perceived blockages, within individual & collective journeys, we move in soul resonance. Observing what we need to heal, learn & dream, we will explore & experience our innate power.

Tailor-made Courses

Awakened Bellydance 1-2-1

Course option 01: 7 x 1-hour personalized AwBd sessions, working through the seven chakras, combined with intuitive verbal clearings inspired by Access Consciousness ®. Recorded on Zoom. This online course is a pre-requisite to joining the AwBd Facilitator Training.

Course option 02: 3 x 1-hour personalized sessions focusing on the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. AwBd sessions combined with intuitive verbal clearings inspired by Access Consciousness ®. Recorded on Zoom.

Both options include online support & homework.

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Imagine what it would be like to step forwards in your life with confidence – knowing that you are safe and the universe is supporting you.

In this collective dance of coming home, now is the time to listen to your bodys intelligence.

Receive the GuiDance and get step forward with confidence.

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AwBd & Blue Lotus Soul School

This is for Souls who have an interest in plant medicine and sacred dance. You, who wish to raise your vibration and are open to receiving the messages that the Blue Lotus holds for you. This group met online for five weeks and began their sacred dances by drinking Blue Lotus (Nymphea Caerula) together.


AwBd Dance of Nefertum

We will dance a unique choreography inspired by temple hieroglyphs and the Blue Lotus as Katie intertwines her knowledge of sacred dances into a dynamically activating ‘Dance of Nefertum’. These meditative movements can be danced daily to connect and embody source light energies.

Featured AwBd Courses



Have you ever realised how AbunDancely magical you are? We hold all of the creative abundance our hearts desire within our bodies, particularly within the alchemical chalice known as your womb/sacral space. Did you know you can call in and reclaim the abundance that you have lived in all timelines and lifetimes to this body and reality right now?

Join Katie as she guides you to weave through your ancestral monetary patterns, your own perceived blocks and resistances to creating the abundant life you dream of.


Dance of Hathor

This beautiful Hathor blessing dance is inspired by the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs seen in the temples of Dendara, Abydos and Upper Egypt. One session workshop.


Dance of Sekhmet

Dance the potent shadow essence of Sekhmet, integrating her with the light of Hathor as Katie intertwines her knowledge of sacred dances into a dynamically activating dance of power. One session workshop.


Dance of Ra

Dance a unique choreography inspired by temple hieroglyphs as Katie intertwines her knowledge of sacred dances into a dynamically activating dance of 'Shams' (the sun). One session workshop.

Awakened Bellydance Membership

This monthly subscription gives ongoing access to all of Katie’s online & upcoming courses, so you can dance & experience at your own pace.

Deepening the Roots

Would you like to explore a uniquely powerful sacred dance process? Created by Katie Holland, Awakened Bellydance is a multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process. An intuitive remembering and reclaiming of You through conscious movement based in traditional Middle Eastern dance and sacred dances.


Luminous Metamorphosis

Shamanizations : Become the metamorphosis over three intuitively guided journeys combining Awakened Bellydance & Shamanic Ritual with Roseananda Wild & Katie Holland.

The Luminous Feminine flowing as many rivers into the one great ocean of re-creation and r-evolution.
This is the Be-coming.....these three sessions work as a deeply integrated self-initiatory process.


Understanding Kundalini

Your soul came here for a reason : Discover how to integrate & align with your Kundalini energy in a safe & embodied sacred dance process. Katie will share simple alchemical tools and conscious movements in an embodied, down to earth process where you will learn how to recognise, navigate, manage and embrace your whole self.


Sacred Womb Wisdom

Our womb space acts like an alchemical treasure chest of creation. This could be creating a project, a baby, balancing hormones, a relationship, a sensual you, a new life, abundance and more! Our womb space holds all the keys to manifesting our greatest potential and the greatest key of all; our ability to self-initiate ourselves.

Learn : Re-wilding Kundalini, Sacred Geometry of the Womb & Embodying Sensuality through the Heart. Including : shadow work, embodied movements, breath-work, journaling & radical self-honesty.


Unleash the Hips of the Siren

Set the stage on fire! Set yourself free ~ take your performance to the next level! Unleash the Hips of the Siren with renowned international dance artist. Learn simple, supportive and effective techniques developed by Katie which work on body-mind integration. Suitable for all styles of dance from complete beginners to professionals. Heart Unleashed = You Unleashed ~ Dance with Me.


Zar at Giza Pyramids

Experience a traditional ceremony with authentic musicians from the Zar villages of Lower Egypt. Take this unique opportunity to gain a rare glimpse and privileged access into the hidden world of Egyptian sacred music and dance. Release and attune to your higher mystical rhythms and unite in joy with your divine purpose. Katie Holland will lead you in an Awakened Bellydance process which will take us into the Zar with the musicians and whirling dervish.



Dance your dreams into the gold with me through AwBd. This is an opportunity for TranscenDance into Your own self-initiation of the Arc of Light. We now have an opportunity to ascend beyond the beyond as the collective consciousness illuminates and we re-discover our ability for 'synarchy' (being our unique self whilst co-creating in unity). What pivotal and unique role are You playing in this awakening?


Whirling : No Dimension : The Journey Within

During this experience we will also work with the technical aspects of our bodies physicality; how to turn, to fully embody and expand from the inside out. 'Turning' into what is within enables us to transform the way we experience our inner and outer worlds by transporting body, mind and soul into flow and presence as we surrender to self and thus source.


Embodiment Through Movement

Five Awakened Bellydance sessions will form an integrative and grounded journey that will connect you deeply into your heart and the most illuminated version of you. Katie will guide you in movement, breath and visualisation to transform, transmute and embody your authentic, sovereign self. Following an innate fascination for dance and the profound healing it can give, sacred dances of the Middle East and Asia gave Katie insights into the depths of her bodily wisdom.



Learn a fun, funky, masala (spicy) choreography over a four week course with all the latest moves and grooves from Bollywood. We will learn how to tell the story of the song through our dance. Learn a fun, funky, masala (spicy) choreography over a four week course with all the latest moves and grooves from Bollywood.

All Movement is Divine when the Heart is Danced Awake!
Join the movement today.