Accredited AwBd Facilitators

(in alphabetical order by location)




Leonie Michaels    www-icon-p  email-icon-p

Leonie Michaels is a holistic health practitioner. Drawing on her experience as a Kinesiologist and Feldenkrais (Awareness Through Movement) facilitator along with sound and energy medicine to create a space for growth and transformation.




Karinna & Camilla    www-icon-p  email-icon-p  facebook-icon

Awakened Bellydance Facilitators.


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Sabrina Sgoff    email-icon-p

I feel the most alive and the truest version of myself when I dance and love to create a safe space for you to explore your individual true nature 1-on-1 or in groups with AwBd, Reiki and Systemic Coaching (with horses). I am based in Germany. Please contact me via email.




Catalina Kirsch    www-icon-p facebook-icon

My name is Catalina and I see my soul mission in helping you to reconnect to your inner voice and light, so that you can get into your life flow with joy and ease.





Karla Rodriguez   email-icon-xs facebook-icon

The greatest discovery I have experienced is connecting with my heart and making it dance. I am a dance therapist in Dance of Life and facilitator of Awakened Bellydance, I love nature and animals, reiki, meditation, and music therapy. You can contact me here to dance together and discover our own internal movement. I offer online workshops (English & Spanish) and face-to-face workshops in Mexico.


“I feel privileged to be part of this AwBd process. I really don't find the words how I feel right now after holding space for root chakra dance. I just feel blessed to be a part of this kind of amazing process. Today I just listened to the ladies testimonies after dance and felt so wonderful to be a part of this circle.”

(Workshop participant)

United Kingdom



Carole Galbally    email-icon-p

Trained as AWBD facilitator at Katie Holland's very first training in Bulgaria 2017; completed again in 2021 in Egypt where teachings of Blue Lotus woven into training. Also a Hatha Yoga BWY Teacher and I work supporting mental health patients for NHS. Planning AWBD classes in Essex area.




Clarity Jane Rivers    email-icon-p

Unlocking your sensuality and creativity through sacred dance and art. Letting go of all you thought you should be to find out who you truly are !



Hampshire & Sussex

Fiona Penfold    email-icon-p

Awakened Bellydance and Inner Dance Facilitator. Fiona trained as an Awakened Bellydance facilitator in 2017 on the first training course that Katie Holland held. As well as running her own Awakened Bellydance workshops in and around Hampshire in the UK where she lives, Fiona also works with Katie Holland and has assisted her on the Awakened Bellydance facilitator trainings in the UK, Bulgaria, Turkey and Egypt.
Fiona is also an Energy Healer, Access Bars facilitator, Auricular Acupuncturist and a Mental Health Nurse who specialises working in the field of Addiction and working with people with Trauma.




Beth Lister    www-icon-p  email-icon-p  facebook-icon

Hello, I'm Beth. I'm a Complementary Therapist and AWBD facilitator in Northumberland. Every session of AWBD is special, I love watching a group blossom as we all dance together. I'm thankful for the experiences that have led me to where I am now, being able to dance with you all is an honour and a privilege.




Moon Willow       facebook-icon

Here Be Dragons - I am Moon Willow, storyteller, weaver, dancer, intuitive healer and reader. You can find me as Moon Willow on Instagram and Facebook or



Sharon Zdan    email-icon-p  facebook-icon

Sharon offers an integrated approach to healing, embodying shamanism, psychotherapy, coaching, person-centred counselling, and expressive therapy, movement, mindfulness, breath-work, reflexology, Awakened Bellydance, Inner Dance, and cacao & mugwort ceremonies. She has taught and offered USUI Reiki healing for 22 years, she also teaches HOLY FIRE REIKI III by William Rand.



Hannah Fermor    email-icon-p

Hannah Fermior is based in Shropshire. She sings as part of an acoustic duo in nursing homes, pubs and at events, as well as doing reiki treatments, life modelling work and being an Awakened Bellydance facilitator.



South Wales & South West

Cassandra West    www-icon-p  email-icon-p

Cassandra is a doula, naturopath and herbal creatrix, passionate about wellbeing, reclaimation and living life in line with our deepest values and dreams. She offers Awakened Belly Dance sessions in group and 121 settings, in person and on Zoom.



West Midlands

Jenny Wilde-Knight    www-icon-p  email-icon-p  telephone-icon-p

Jenny is an experienced and passionate Awakened Bellydance Facilitator. She is also a musician, shamanic practitioner, Innerdance facilitator and practices Lomi Lomi and Hot Stones bodywork. She runs regular residential retreats and workshops around the UK and is based in Shropshire. Call : 07825 708710



West Midlands

Marie Burrows  www-icon-p  email-icon-p  telephone-icon-p

Always learning and celebrating the dance between movement and stillness, Marie offers yoga and dance courses, workshops and retreats in person & online. Creator, founder of Wild Wolf Movement. To find out more follow @wild_wolf_movement or call : 07421838525




Samantha Jane    www-icon-p  email-icon-p

Samantha in an AwBd facilitator who offers small closed group journeys of activating the incredible power of your Inner Goddess. If you would like to embark through this process, perhaps with a circle of women you are close to and who want to do this alongside you, please contact me.




Pittsburgh, PA

Alyssa Lukach    email-icon-p  facebook-icon

Alyssa facilitates Awakened Bellydance and has found tremendous healing of her mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies through Awakened Bellydance, especially after attending facilitator training in Egypt during 2022. Alyssa loves teaching people how to use dance to activate kundalini and reach a state of unity and harmony with the earth and sky above.



Mid : Lampeter, Ceredigion

Wendy Steele    www-icon-p  email-icon-p  facebook-icon

Awakened Bellydance Facilitator



North : Wrexham & Bangor

Rachel Walker    www-icon-p  email-icon-p

Rachel is a best-selling author, earth Priestess, flower essence practitioner and sacred dance teacher.
She specialises in guiding women in the revelation and fulfilment of their destiny and purpose. She teaches and coaches through nature-dance alchemy in online and in-person courses, retreats and training.


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