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A huge thank you for your workshops yesterday. They specifically worked well together & I found them moving and inspiring. Loved the blessing dance, what a perfect way to start. The last one really touched me, in life as well as dance & I felt today a real shift. I found today & yesterday I could keep eye contact with acquaintances (as opposed to close friends) more and spoke more and let myself be seen and heard without shame, embarrassment, apology, fear of being judged or fear of shining too brightly. It was groundbreaking for me. I felt it made a real difference to me and I'm sure it will continue to help with future dances as well as in the day to day. I really do feel such a difference from being around you. So I am very thankful to have you as such an inspiring mentor in my life.

Thank you very much! I just caught up with this and loved the feeling of the movements. I can say straight off that this course has given me much more confidence in following my body's own movements and I feel quite peaceful with it, though there is lots still to do! There is more work to be done at my end with the journaling side of things- I feel I want to go through the course again and journal more next time- I have been enjoying the practice rather than the journaling this time around! The one issue that always comes up though is feeling good enough and that I keep on receiving guidance on is “yes you are- just get on with it!” Interesting how doing this ‘free’ dance gives me so much guidance!!! Much love to you and thank you so much for this brilliant course. I really felt is was perfect for where I'm at and intend to continue practicing it


Wow! Well Katie you said it would be a transformational journey and I did believe you but I didn't realise it would happen SO quickly! Emotions arose this morning to be looked at and faced, in order to get to the root of the problem and lo and behold it was linked to my root chakra! Powerful, POWERFUL stuff!! And that's only after day 1! I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the practitioners for doing this, and Cassandra for inviting me. Looking forward to the next 20 days and whatever they may bring! With gratitude and love xxxx

Wow Katie, that was amazing! I thought I’d do this today to deepen the work with my Sacral chakra as part of your 21 day course and I’m so glad I did. Surprised indeed! There was a lot of animalistic, raw energy that came out at one point, that I hadn’t been expecting as I’m normally a fairly calm person. It felt amazing to call into my womb space all my dreams and desires, many I am already working on but it felt like this session gave them a supercharge and extra confidence that I CAN do it! I can’t explain all the emotions, but as you said (and as I’m experiencing with your course) they come along in different ways on different days. What a beautiful clearing and wonderful process, I welcome it all. THANK YOU!


I started it and finding it one of the most powerful healing modalities I have ever came across. I am a yoga teacher and reiki master and psychologist so I have encountered healing from a lot of different angles and they all have their right and are ideally combined. What I was missing though was some kind of a female, deeply feminine approach. Something that would allow me to express all my layers and archetypes and something that would just feel right. I was not expecting to find it in that course but I did. The release, the profound healing of ancestral traumas is really beyond what I thought was possible and I am just in for 10 days now. Within the very first session I was in love with it. I was able to go for it completely because the container felt so safe.

I feel really honoured and blessed that through this time of 'lock down' I have been enabled to use it as a time of inward journeying. First by being a part of the AWBD online community - which lead me into approaching Katie Holland to do these 1-1 intensive sessions. Best decision I have made for myself in a long time. In these sessions I have felt really held by Katie whilst being empowered to fully become myself. They have been truly amazing and so intense in a way that has for the first time in my life I can fully see me in all my beauty and inner strength. If anyone reading this is contemplating taking up these sessions my response to you would be seize the opportunity for your soul as I have found my life has grown beyond anything I could guess. Such a small investment for such huge and golden rewards.


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Feeling especially grateful for the gift you are to the world and the gifts you've given me via our work together. The last couple of days, there have been a couple fairly big things (trauma/drama) come up that I've been able to witness, process, and handle differently. It's made a huge difference in my life. It's amazing that your work is legit multi-dimensional. It speaks to the soul, different lifetimes, and timelines AND provides concrete skills to navigate 3D bullshit. The blend of Access Consciousness and AwBd (and ALL that that is!) is brilliant. I know I've said all this a million times, but I think it even more, THANK YOU! ...And that's the other thing actually. Your work is so potent because you don't have a savior complex. You have an offering. So it's extra empowering. And yes I've was totally ready and have done some hella work! And so glad to have you there with me!

Hi Katie, I wanted to send you a message to say thank you for the online awakened bellydance sessions you did through creative mind academy. I've loved them so much, and came at a time of much needed healing, they've helped reopen parts of myself and reconnect me with my body and sensuality which I had completely shut down following a traumatic situation. I remember seeing you dance when I was 16/17? And you danced on a tabla - I used to see lots of belly dancers growing up but you were the one I really remember!! Finally I've started to let myself feel my dream, that I always wanted to dance professionally and life in its magical and sometimes difficult way led me to Egypt (completely unconnected to dancing)... and it feels like the universe is giving me such a big wake up call. So thank you for the sessions again x


Hi, Katie. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for this weekend. I attended three of your workshops as I loved your workshops at your last visit. Each workshop (Bollywood, Balinese /Nepalese and Awakening) were all so different and I loved them all for different reasons. The Bollywood class was just so much fun! And the speed definitely helps tighten your transitions. The Balinese / Nepalese was beautiful and helped me with control and focusing on making more simple moves look beautiful. But the class that hit me the most was the Awakening class. I'll be honest, had I know what it would entail I may have run for the hills as it hit home emotionally.

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 18 months and whilst I know it can take time, we are facing the reality that it is looking like we need medical help and are waiting on a specialist fertility consultation to see if IVF will have a shot at working. I've known I've had issues for a while but it turns out my husband does too and that was a curve ball. It breaks my heart seeing him reconciling himself with that, plus the realisation we may not have a child naturally. Not that that matters; we have options. But it's heartbreaking. The work to cleanse out wombs and pull that positive energy into us and speak out our wishes broke me. And when my partner and I were working together, I know she was sending every ounce of her hope into me. I could feel it. She could feel it. She's 22 years older than I am but the most amazing friend and surrogate Auntie and we are even more connected now. I felt emotionally drained on the drive back, but also hopeful. More balanced. So thank you.

I think you're such an inspirational woman. I read your blog often and adore how open about your journey. You exude such calmness and balance that it's wonderful. I love how inclusive and easy it is to be in your classes and workshops. I hope to see you again in the future x

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I have recently finished moving through a process with Katie over a few months and things have really transformed for me, and with my relationship with my partner. I had been struggling with being in my power, lots around my root needing attention, and so balancing my energies through my work projects / life was feeling like a challenge. There were imbalances surfacing in our relationship because of this.

Katie's intuitive way of applying her amazing gifts and practice took me through lifetimes of shedding layers of stuff that had been holding me back from being my true self. I felt so much lighter at the end of each session. When things came up between sessions, Katie was super supportive of the process and went beyond my expectations.

I felt more integrated, rooted and grounded the more we moved through the process. Katie also held separate sessions with my partner and we came together to integrate and complete our process with healing 'union' session. It was magic!

Our relationship became lighter, more balanced, more supportive and understanding of each other. We committed to the work in between and beyond the sessions and issues between us began to soften and disappear as we returned to being playful, more open and fully trusting.

I went along to the Awakened Bellydance facilitator training day with an open mind and heart. As a teacher Katie guided us through along so many paths filled with so many experiences and beautiful practices. We were in an environment created by Katie that felt safe, nurturing and filled with an inspiration that evolved and flourished within each one of us as we moved through the course. We were led with love, compassion and an insight that only could have come from the purest truest and highest source, and as we evolved and flourished, we stumbled as the path was rocky and painful and deeply emotional. But all the time Katie with love, care and an intuitive sense that was all encompassing of mother, woman, sister, friend and seer, guided us through. And we reached a level of understanding that will continue to develop and deepen as we continue our own practices. The knowledge and influences Katie imparted with subtleness yet qualities of inner strength can only be put in words. But the depth is immeasurable, and the memories and creativity she nourished went beyond the soul, to a place I have never been before. If I can in time, share some of Katie's training and knowledge and ancient wisdom of the universe to other women, it would be such an honour and tribute to her universal insight and wisdom. I am so fortunate to have found my tribe, my sisters, my inner path, and life journey.


I was so impressed with the master class for Awakened Bellydance I attended last year with Katie Holland, that I immediately booked on the facilitator training. Not knowing how I was going to go and how I was going to pay for it, (I just had to be there!). The course was fun, challenging and enlightening. Katie has developed a system that is a wonderful experience, as well as getting deep down to the core of one’s psyche.

The system does what it says on the tin. It awakens the soul and clears the heart bringing a new dimension to one’s existence. Katie certainly knows her stuff and has really inspired me. Although a novice at Bellydancing I always found that things were explained well and I was supported along the way.

The atmosphere was electric and very positive. Katie held the space fantastically, and we always felt safe and secure. I would not have missed the course for the world and would go again and again.

I come, as you know, from the background of having tried the Eurythmy for a few months about 17 years ago, followed by a few years of each of Tai Chi, QiGong and yoga and many years of classical music playing and teaching, Reiki training and healing, tuning fork training and healing and more recently drumming and chanting, in which I run small groups. I quite often dance freely at home to classical pieces I am learning, or when I am drumming, or to chakra dance cds and dvds. I really loved what you offered and it felt just right for me to develop dancing in this way. It was gentle, my body felt progressively freer, the ideas behind it felt beautiful and it was very respectful of where each of us was. Although the moves were new to me it was well presented so that i felt able to follow. I would love to experience some more if and when Katie returns to UK and if Galit decides to train in Awakened bellydance or when she offers Inner dance classes, if I am able to get to the venue. I wish you both all the best in developing these dance activities- very freeing and uplifting!


Hi Katie, I know you must get hundreds of emails like this everyday, but your workshop in awakened bellydance was a real eye opener for me...and a bit of a heart opener too! I have had various crappy things happen to me over the last couple of years, but they have helped to magnify the amazing people I have around me, and the blessings that I have. I give thanks for them every day.

After arriving home my beloved little elderly black cat was literally on her last legs, she was put to sleep the following day. As fate would have it, no one was around to help me get her to the vet hospital, or to be with me when I had to say goodbye. I had been dreading this moment for years and yet, I was able to cope. I could cry and feel sad, but feel solace and calm in the knowing she was in a better place. I swear this was because of the healing and understanding that I experienced in your workshop, as if it had prepared me for this.

My mother is also going through a cancer scare at the moment too, and your knowledge of letting go of past family issues and genetic history really resonated with me. I have tried to use the methods I learned in your class to help me with my anxious spells, and i was so happy that once again, i was able to open my heart and mind, and expel a lot of negative emotions. It is the strangest thing to be crying and laughing at the same time!!

Awakened Bellydance is a bit like peeling an onion, as well as much more fun and enjoyable, with a healthy dose of the indescribable! If you're anything like me peeling an onion hurts and brings tears... But I need to do it to create something tasty and authentic, I like to be flexible with recipes but sometimes delicious and luscious really requires that peeled onion. The process of peeling our own layers of protection and releasing our stories will be painful at times yet will reveal something beautiful: your awesome beautiful and exquisite Inner Goddess. There will be those layers that seem half skin and half onion that will leave you wondering what to do with them. In the kitchen of Awakened Bellydance you are not left alone to figure it out, you are supported and loved, part of a tribe led by an amazing and truly inspiring chef, Katie. The possibilities are endless yet what you are to create will be clear. You will step into who you are, become your true self, finding the strength to be your truth and speak your truth. No knifes, only movement, breath, dance and music there to carry you on your journey of transformation, as well as the magic of the Universe that will bring the people you need around you to hold you up and propel you forward. For the first time in my life I understand what is meant by sisterhood. Feels good. Dare to step into the womb of the unknown, the adventure will be greater than you can imagine.

… and many more to come. Submit yours here