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Join Katie Holland for a heart filled, introspective adventure into your innate resonance through sound, vibration & somatic movement in this 60-hour Certified innerdance facilitator training.

60 hours of training

Starting 09 July 2024 :
5 Online Sessions

11 – 15th Sept 2024 :
5 Sessions at Leicester, UK

Experience innerdance

Trust & Surrender

This training is for those who would like to awaken to themselves on a deeper level whilst learning to facilitate others, all from a safely held and embodied space.

The purpose of this potent alchemical experience is to connect you with a deeper sense of meaning on your human journey, to develop your Inner Dance facilitation and to dynamically align you with your soul's purpose.

Inner Dance is an internal movement meditation facilitated by sound, touch and intuitive words. It could also be called 'Trust and Surrender'.

This certified training is an inner adventure composed of natural movements, awareness, emotional release & insights.

The innerdance process

We begin by comfortably lying down with our eyes closed. The facilitator and the frequencies of the music guides the brain through various brainwave states, including those associated with lucid dreaming and deep theta healing. When energy flows transformation can happen. Spontaneous movements emerge from within as we enter morphic resonance. Activation of kundalini, natural DMT release, receiving oneself - laughing, crying, dancing, trancing.

Everyone's expression of movement will be different as this is an authentic dialogue with our highest self where we, from our authentic sovereignty can choose who we become from this moment now. Entering a quantum space of expanded consciousness we can be the witness to our personal and sometimes collective healing processes. This leads participants into an expanded state of Be-ing.

The Curriculum

Explore the innerdance curriculum

In this 60 hours training we will begin by meeting online to study the theoretical aspects of Inner Dance.

This will consist of 5 x 3 hours meetings on zoom. Sessions will be recorded, however attending live is preferable for live interaction and building connection with the group.

Online Sessions 2024

July 9, 16, 23, 30, Sept 3
Zoom group video call (recorded)
Tuesdays, 7 - 10pm (UK time)

innerdance frameworks and playlisting

In-person Sessions 2024

11th - 15th Sept 2024
Leicester, UK
Wed /Thurs 11-12th - 10 - 6pm
Frid 13th - 12 - 8pm
Sat / Sun 14-15th - 10 - 6pm
(UK time)

After calls on zoom - dates TBC

About Katie Holland


Katie Holland trained directly with Pi Villaraza, the creator of Inner Dance in 2014. She is one of the global trainers for the advanced innerdance training and has extensive experience as an Inner Dance Facilitator & Trainer. To date Katie has taught over fifty trainings and has been extremely active in sharing this powerful modality. She was one of the first facilitators to share these transformational trainings in the UK & Europe. Katie's natural intuitive ability to hold space is testament to her commitment and a wealth of wisdom through facilitating trainings, retreats, dance and energy-based workshops globally since 1998.

Katie Holland has been an invited performer for:

Trainer Credentials

A renowned and highly sought after professional dancer across the world
Has an expertise in ‘dance for healing & spiritual development’

Extensive innerdance facilitatorReiki MasterYoga Teacher & Energy Worker experience

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innerdance facilitator training pricing

innerdance facilitator training

£ 999

innerdance facilitator trainers
who have trained with Katie before

£ 899

A £150 non-refundable / non-transferable deposit applies. Once you have paid the deposit, please contact Katie Holland to receive your application form. For advanced innerdance courses and Teacher Training, please contact Katie Holland for details.