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Awakened Bellydance Soulstice Online

In this collective dance of coming home now is the time to listen to your body’s intelligence. Establish an open dialogue with your body. Learn to trust your bodys intelligence and your womb as an internal compass.

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The original meaning of the word Solstice is Sol ‘sun’ and sistere ‘to stand still’. We often only make transformative choices when we feel we are pushed into a place of no choice. Those moments when we feel we are backed into a corner and hold on no matter what, or through fear decide it’s better to jump before we are pushed.

In recent years our resilience, trust and innate knowing have been tested beyond all we could ever have imagined. We have been disempowered, coerced and manipulated.

As destructive as this has been many of us realise that this deconstruction of the illusionary self and the old structures of society is a necessary part of a greater global awakening.

Trauma often creates a feeling of ‘freeze’. The freeze can be held in the body unconsciously and appears in unexpected ways in situations that trigger us. This can create feelings of anxiety, a distrust of our intuition and a switching off of the body and mind as a coping mechanism.

Imagine if this time you chose, just for a moment to ‘pause’ and witness your frozen places and within that take yourself into conscious movement ~ connecting to your awareness and your inner sunlight. Your own personal power.

~ Imagine a womb & heart open to receiving all Abundance available to you.
~ Discover how to communicate with your body.
~ Learn simple techniques to work with your body’s internal compass.
~ Remember how to live in harmony with yourself.
~ Awaken your manifesting abilities.
~ Release soul contracts that have kept you stuck.
~ Release self-sabotaging patterns and mind control programs.
~ Reclaim the final pieces of your soul path puzzle.
~ Reclaim Your Body as Your Temple.

What pivotal and vitally unique role are You playing in the past, present and future collective awakening?

The webinar was recorded on Zoom.

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