Simon Webster Showcase

Drummer ~ Music Teacher & Therapist ~ Journalist

Originally classically trained as a violinist and viola player, Simon now works as a multi-percussionist, drummer, music teacher, music therapist & journalist.
He’s worked with bands and artists such as Natasha Atlas, Yasmin Levy, Abdullah Chhadeh from Syria, Oojami, Hassan Erraji from Morocco, bassist and producer Bernard O’Neill, Terry Pack and ‘Trees’ project, Moroccan singer & percussionist Mouna Eddrou, Ecole de Samba Macunaima (France), Paraiso Samba School (London), Maracatu Estrella del Norte, Paseo Malanga, Haleshla, The Moroccan’Roll Convention, Zambomba (Latin jazz).

He is currently participating in the new Syriana project, Syriana 1325, based in Morocco and ‘Chaka Chouka’ (fusion reggae, Moroccan music and funk among others) with Haji Mike, Bernard O’neill and Mouna Eddrou.

Over the years he has worked with numerous dancers, dance teachers and choreographers including Katie Holland.

He plays North African, Middle Eastern, Cuban, Brazilian, West and Central African percussion and drum kit as well as funk, pop, rock and latin jazz but his speciality and passion lies in fusions of everything!

Simon has toured the world and has played major festivals and venues in the UK, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Australia, including the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House. His travels have also taken him to Cuba and Morocco where he’s studied with master drummers.
He has written world music percussion articles and interviews for Drummer magazine as well as articles for musicology journals.

He now lives in Meknès, Morocco where he runs a guest house and his own recording studio ‘Tarboush Studios‘.

Being specialised in Moroccan percussion and drums, Simon has participated in various projects with Moroccan musicians including both innovative fusion groups and projects with musicians from the Sufi styles of Morocco such as Aissawa and Gnaoua.

For more information, see Simon’s website